Training Management SaaS Product

Creating a way for managers to easily track and assign training plans to staff

Tuev Sued
March 2019
Web UX & UI Design
Wireframes, UI, UX

While I was working at Hyve Innovation Company, Tüv Süd came to us to work on a series of MVPs for their products. My main focus was on the MVPs that required a bit more UX and development knowledge.

The projects were split into three parts, with the first one about a possible training management program. This would be an internal software used for Tuev Sued employees for training.

Training Management SaaS Product

About the Project

The training management application was needed to help rid Tüv Süd of in-house excel documents that kept track of who had done which training, and when. These excel documents became a clear pain point for the Tüv managers.

It had become increasingly difficult to keep track of who had completed what. The training manager’s main goal was to consolidate this into one unified experience to help ease this task off the managers and let them focus more on their teams.

Training Management SaaS Product
Training Management SaaS Product

Project Execution

Some of the necessary considerations were group size, locations of the teams, and also the number of employees a manager had or if they had employees across multiple zones. This meant that a manager needed to access data about a team member who was not necessarily sitting next to them and couldn’t get an easy update straight away.

Before we jumped into high-fidelity mockups, we took the research that the in-house Tüv Süd team had compiled and created some wireframes to get a better understanding of whether or not this was going to be viable. We worked with the excel docs that they used in-house and created a system around that.

Training Management SaaS Product

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