Smart Connected Diesel Engines

Bauma is the worlds leading construction trade fair, the perfect place to test ideas

April 2020
Web Design
UX, UI, Wireframes

At Bauma 2019, Hatz Diesel Engines wanted to launch two new products. The first is their line of new engines with E1 technology. The first electronically controlled system for single-cylinder engines. The second part was the launch of Hatz Connected Services.

With over 600,000 visitors, the Bauma in Munich is the world's largest trade fair for construction. Nearly 3,500 exhibitors, with visitors from 219 countries, the Bauma is the ideal location for a launch of new products that will be used by those in the construction industry.

Smart Connected Diesel Engines

About the Project

A fully functioning application was developed to show users the capabilities of the new E1 engines. The application was designed to show how Hatz Connected Services could help them in their environment and construction sites.

After many design options and consultations with the client, we settled on a dark theme for the dashboard. The prototype needed to load live data from the new engine range on display, as well as switch the engine on and off.

Smart Connected Diesel Engines
Smart Connected Diesel Engines

Project Execution

The app could show stats like engine speed, diesel level, oil levels, exhaust temperatures, soot load and battery voltages. There were also more benefits to the connected possibilities of the E1 engine, that being geolocation.

With Geolocation, the site foreman could set limited areas that engine would be allowed to move around in. There was an auto-kill switch, if the engine was moved outside that geolocation.

At the Bauma, Hatz tested the prototype with user feedback. The users were able to click through the entire prototype and test the product. They were then prompted to answer a questionnaire, which provided their impression, interactivity, usability and visual design of the product. The results would then be used to determine the viability of the Hatz Connected Services app.

Smart Connected Diesel Engines

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