Rebranding a Stationery Store

A complete overhaul of an old logo, as well as a new website was the aim of the game here

Pennywise Botswana
April 2021
Graphic & Web
Website, Logo

Back in 2019, my in-laws had decided it was time to add a second store to their stationery store business. With this their was the idea to improve their logo and try to get them online with a Shopify store.

Part of this ongoing project that I have enjoyed is that it is a total change from the regular UX/UI work I am normally doing on a day-to-day basis. Being able to go back to my graphic design roots has been fun and fulfilling at the same time.

Rebranding a Stationery Store

About the Project

I have always loved doing logo design. There are so many complex sides to logo design, like it needing to be timeless, work well both small and large, and in full colour or black and white.

I also tried to ensure that the logo would have it's own logomark (A logomark is a purely graphical identifying brand mark), this is where the idea for the pencil came in.

Rebranding a Stationery Store
Rebranding a Stationery Store

Project Execution

Being a store front that sells stationery both online and in store, a helpful way to show who are store staff vs regular customers, is too create custom branded polo shirts.

You can see here how well the logo worked in the embroidered shirts.

On top of the logo design, I have helped out when I can with doing some leaflet and poster design.

Due to the nature of the business, the fun and funky side of things was nice to add. It made for some more interesting leaflet design then previously experience.

Rebranding a Stationery Store

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