Hetras+, the new revised and improved application

Rebuilding the Hetras Hotel Application from the ground up. New look, new feel, new life

September 2017
UX/UI Design
Web App

Hetras was a cloud hotel PMS (Property Management System). Hetras was able to control everything that the hotel required, from the front desk check-in for the front office team to the housekeeping of a hotel.

After starting at Hetras, the team had decided that the entire app would be redesigned and reworked. This was the start of the Configuration UI project. The project would be split in 2 parts, the Configuration UI project, which would be used to setup the hotel chains, followed by the Hotel PMS.

Hetras+, the new revised and improved application

About the Project

There would be two important components on the updated application, the data structure and notifications. Since we would be moving from an onsite crew to help setup a new hotel chain, to a remote team, the end users (managers of the hotels), needed to be updated about recent activity.

The end-users also needed to have a good clear tabular structure to the most important screens. Setting up a hotel chain could be complex if not dealth with carefully, important considerations were different location (EMEA vs DACH), brand (Marriot vs Marriot Bonvoy), owner (different owners across same region) etc.

Hetras+, the new revised and improved application
Hetras+, the new revised and improved application

Project Execution

The next complex part of the hotel setup was the so called "User definable codes", these were codes allocated to a hotel to help with setting up the various revunue streams, i.e different room types and sizes, different market offerings.  

This page turned into a lot of switches and helper text below the title in order to help the person figure out the correct codes they wanted to setup.

Hetras+ was my first big app redesign. Looking back on it now there are lots of things I would say I could fix up. However, I am still proud of everything I produced in this project and everything it taught.

I have certainly grown since this project and would say visually this might not be my best work right now, but at the time it was some of my best work. There are certainly lots of accessibility issues, but it was not something I was aware of how to tackle at that point.

Hetras+, the new revised and improved application

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