GDPR Compliance Checker Website

In mid 2018, GDPR was brought into effect in Europe, here is how we helped with compliance

Tuev Sued
February 2019
UX, UI, Content
Website assets

While I was working at Hyve Innovation Company, Tüv Süd came to us to work on a series of MVPs for their products. My main focus was on the MVPs that required a bit more UX and development knowledge.

The projects were split into three parts, with the second one about a GDPR questionnaire website. The website could be sent to small to medium-sized businesses, to help them check their compliance with local law.

GDPR Compliance Checker Website

About the Project

The questionnaire needed to establish by the end the status of companies' GDPR compliance and whether or not they needed to get a Tüv representative in to help them or not.

In an attempt to help make the questionnaire easier to answer, it was split up into two sections.

The initial reason for a questionnaire like this was that the cost of sending an analyst would be far too much for the smaller companies that were also required to comply with the laws. This questionnaire would then enable them to get the help they needed if that was necessary.

GDPR Compliance Checker Website
GDPR Compliance Checker Website

Project Execution

For the questionnaire part, we tried to keep it a bit light-hearted and a bit more modern than the normal Tüv Süd style. The reason for this was to gain the user’s trust before pushing the Tüv Süd Logo in their screens and trying to get them to purchase anything.

We tried to continue this same light-hearted look and feel throughout the results screens. The user shouldn’t get the feeling that everything is broken, but they needed to be made aware of any issues that might be occurring on their site.

GDPR Compliance Checker Website

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