Digital Therapeutics Marketing Webpage

The marketing department needed a way to easily sell the idea of DTx product to customers

January 2020
Web design
Assets, UI

The Smartpatient marketing team wanted to establish MyTherapy as an easy-to-use Digital Therapeutics application.

We needed a way to show off the modularity of MyTherapy as an app, and how easy it would be for new pharma partners to join.

Digital Therapeutics Marketing Webpage

About the Project

The most important part of this web page was to show how easy it could be to set up a DTx using MyTherapy. That is where the step-by-step process came in. This step-by-step process needed to also look and work really well on mobile devices.

It was also imperative to ensure that this page could stand out amongst its potential competitors. For this we felt that some illustrations could do this best. Bold colours and bold illustrations were used to make the section stand out.

Digital Therapeutics Marketing Webpage
Digital Therapeutics Marketing Webpage

Project Execution

This was definitely one of those projects that was more fun to work on when it was in development. Working with our front-end dev on the animations for the step-by-step process wizard was really fun.

I also enjoyed working with the bright very contrasting brand colours that SmartPatient has. The sharp pink/red with the dark blue, provides a fun experience when trying to create good looking designs.

Digital Therapeutics Marketing Webpage

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