Audit and Certification Management Web Application

Simplifying an overly complicating system can be tough. Here is how we did it.

Tuev Sued
June 2020

While I was working at Hyve Innovation Company, Tüv Süd came to us to work on a series of MVPs for their products. My main focus was on the MVPs that required a bit more UX and development knowledge.

The projects were split into three parts, the final part was another internal tool. Tüv Süd was using more excel docs to track the status of Audits and well as Certifications for the company, this tool would help remove the excel docs and provide an easier-to-work-with system.

Audit and Certification Management Web Application

About the Project

By the time we reached this MVP, there was a decision to go with a separate pre-existing design system, so the style of the MVP changed compared to the previous two. The new style and new design system meant that it was a lot easier to prototype as well as faster.

Important features for this system would be multi-edit/update, as well as an easy-to-view dashboard. The core users would also require places to easily search and filter the list down. A lot of time was spent on making the list view as editable as possible for the user.

Audit and Certification Management Web Application
Audit and Certification Management Web Application

Project Execution

The next most important part of this product for the managers was a way to easily create/edit/update audit or certificate information. We broke this down into a classic wizard setup, to not overload the screens and to try and make it as manageable as possible for users.

Finally, you can see the full overview of what the dashboard would look like. Users could easily hover over rows in order to perform some quick actions, as well as perform multi-select actions. The pages were paginated as well, helping to not overload screens and improve users actions.

Audit and Certification Management Web Application

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