September 3, 2021

Kasane, Chobe.. the second time.

Kasane, Chobe.. the second time.

When I first met my now Wife, she told me that she was born in South Africa like myself, not far from where I actually grew up and was born. At just 2 weeks old, her family moved to Botswana. Her dad was too take up a job at a mine in a town called Orapa.

She told me stories of growing up in Botswana, like kudu’s walking through the town. Stuff that didn’t seem normal to someone who grew up in an urban environment. She told me of her favourite place in Botswana and it was always Kasane, Chobe.

Finally 3 years after we first met, we went on our first trip to Kasane with her family. It absolutely blew me away. The amount of animals, the sunsets, everything about Kasane, was just so incredible. I fell in love with the place, just like her.

After moving back in July, her Family had planned another trip up North to Kasane and I was so excited to go back and see the place again.

The trip

Day 1 - Gaborone to Woodlands Stop over lodge; 436km

Day 2 - Woodlands Stop over lodge to Elephant Sands Eco Lodge; 232km

Day 4 - Elephants Sands Eco Lodge to Kasane; 257km

Day 7 - Kasane to Woodlands Stop over lodge; 486km

Day 8 - Woodlands Stop over lodge to Gaborone; 436km

Woodlands Stop over lodge

Woodlands Stop Over Lodge Website

Woodlands is the perfect break into a drive from Gaborone up north. It takes roughly 5 and half hours, and has comfortable accommodation in both chalets as well as camp sites.

Woodlands also provides some microwavable meals, braai stands, and a pool to refreshen up in after a long drive.

Elephant Sands Eco Lodge

Elephant Sands Facebook

I first visited Elephant Sands with my wifes Family in the December of 2018. It was the most surreal experience. Nothing can quite explain what happens while you are at Elephant Sands, and I can only suggest making your way there to see what its like

The Eco Lodge, is a relatively new part of Elephant Sands. You get private lodging, and your own water hole to sit and watch over while you are there. There is even a little dunk pool to sit in during summer and enjoy yourself a drink while watching some animals.

Kasane, Chobe

Chobe Self Catering Website

While at Kasane, we stayed at Chobe Self Catering. It's the perfect setup in for your time in Kasana. You have a place to cook, and a place to sleep and rest in between the many game drives or boat cruises that you will inevitably be doing.

There is something so special about Kasane. The town is filled with such wonderful people who love the tourists and visitors.

The game drives in Chobe game park never disappoint. But the boat cruise, especially in the afternoon, is an unmissable activity.

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